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The Holistic Approach

Services We Provide

Filling Out Prescriptions

Medication Management

Have you become frustrated with your current medication regimen? Are you afraid to consider any medication for your symptoms?

Or maybe you're starting to feel like a "Guinea Pig" due to frequent medication changes that have not seemed to manage your symptoms?

At Eccentric Minds Health & Wellness you will experience a thorough, unrushed diagnostic psychiatric evaluation that will include assessing your medical  background and addressing any cultural or social needs you may have. Your treatment plan will be individually tailored to your needs and you will be an integral part of devising the treatment plan that is specific to your goals. 

Talk Therapy Sessions
Virtual sessions only at this time ( Office sessions pending)

Have you felt like you haven't been heard?

Or have you felt like you have a lot to get off your chest? Need help processing your feelings and thoughts? At Eccentric Minds Health & Wellness you will be heard. You will be given the opportunity to finally express your feelings in a non-judgmental safe environment with confidentiality being held at the utmost importance. 

Stressed Woman

Medical Marijuana Card Consultations

Are you suffering from pain associated with a chronic illness? Are you concerned and want to avoid opioid pain medications due to it's high risk for addiction?

Are you looking for a more natural/organic way to manage your chronic pain or anxiety?

At Eccentric Minds Health & Wellness you can receive an evaluation that can help you start the process to gain your medial marijuana card. 


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